Adrien Casalis - aka VIMALA - is painting all the darkness of the world. Just as Pierre Soulages, he’s going deeper into every subtle and drastic variations. A painterly approach led by a voice which plays with mineral textures and a chaotic lyricism. It is no accident that his new 7 tracks mini-album and his new single are entitled « CHAOS ». Rupture, movement, loss and rebirth are at the heart of this project, whether this is part of the lyrics, the musical arrangement or the vocal flurries. From the animal strength of the snappy single « CHAOS » to the spellbinding soul classicism echo of « Brothers » or « 34 », VIMALA sings an uncertain future and questions our humanity as well as our relationship with nature. His voice reminds us the tormented vibes of artists such as Anthony and the Johnson’s or Jeff Buckley. When he talks about his musical influences, VIMALA often mentions the british band Mount Kimbie with their experimental rhythmics or the French duo The Blaze for their soaring and cinematic moods.

Adrien Casalis founds VIMALA in 2017. Electronic producer and films, series and contemporary dance shows composer, he feels the need to create a new environment where he could fully express his multiple talents. An area of freedom and a place for visual and music experimentations, between minimalism and exuberance, between self-exposure and modesty. A road that leads him to this new opus which is, as he likes to say, the more personal he ever made and where his voice has never been so truly magnified.
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