Nuit Oceān

The journey is at the heart of the lifeline of NUIT OCEAN aka Steve Mesmin. From his origins - a Zairean father and a mother with Algerian roots - and from his life experiences. As a child he was really affected by a trip to Zaire, a country ravaged by political and ethnic chaos. He recently moved to India where « the harshness and the beauty » overwhelmed him and have directly influenced the creation of the NUIT OCEAN project. He deeply felt the need to stick to what really matters, personally and artistically.

NUIT OCEAN plays a synthetic dream pop, both dark and bright, with a very subtle approach. A style not far from James Blake but with it own characteristic identity, especially when he makes reference to Sade as one of his main influences. Driven by a kind of instinctive « musical Fauvism » , sounds ignite as if they were colors. And we can feel everything, each voice tone and whisper, each note, like a thread that penetrates into the depths of both his and our souls.

From his beginnings Steve Mesmin aka NUIT OCEAN had a multi-artistic approach and thought of his art as a global expression (music, videos, photos). He has been streamed more than 5 millions times for his song ``Falling Night" and more than 1,5 million times for « Rain ».
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imaginary friends - CLIP
Nuit Oceān
02 MIN 11 S
2022 . CLIP
imaginary friends
Nuit Oceān
6 titles - 16 min 12 s
2022 . ep 

fire divine - CLIP
Nuit Oceān
03 MIN 19 S
2020 . CLIP
Nuit Oceān
7 titles - 19 min 46 s
2020 . album 

Nuit Oceān
4 titles - 12 min 47 s
2018 . EP

Nuit Oceān
4 titles - 15 min 35 s
2017 . EP