john ducasse

John Ducasse is releasing a first EP « TRANSMUTE » under his producer alias. A musical four track EP where metamorphosis is the central theme. Deconstruction and reconstruction, looking for a new alchemy. An intimate and universal story of fall and rebirth. The body and spirit mutation when they come out of darkness to to see the light again.

A dark and epic breath is going throughout the first single « Heart Break » pierced by a powerful bass line and a crystalline piano arpeggio. The digital images video music makes us lose our framework of temporality. It shows a tormented body portrayed as an ancient statue and a desertic planet, where an unidentified entity inspired by the 2001’s monolith is flying. John Ducasse collaborates here with the graphic designer Jessy Thevenin who made the EP artwork and the first video music.

With John Ducasse, cinematographic and graphic influences are really significant and the musical inspiration can be related to the Mica Levi’s Under the skin score.Sometimes the music speaks directly to us, its textures invite us to intimacy and self introspection. One just has to just consciously let things go and let yourself fall into a melodic vertigo
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john ducasse
4 tRACKs - 14 min 11 s
2022 . album