John And The Volta

Heartbeats and blinking eyes, embracing bodies under a stroboscopic night, John and the Volta charms us with a sensual and nocturnal electro-pop. Between sexual pulses and an electric romanticism, the androgynous and crystalline voice of its lead singer John Ducasse rises to its own emotional sphere. We can feel the XX shadows meeting the eighties vibes of Blondie. A really classy and evanescent songwriting which reminds us of the Italians Do It Better team and The Chromatics.

John Ducasse created John and the Volta in 2013. He released his first EP « Empirical » (2013) and then an LP "Low Life" (2017). The songs « Paralyzed » and « Bad Dreams » have many times been heard in successful TV shows (13 Reasons Why, Emily in Paris, Lucifer…).
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20'' - CLIP
john and the volta
04 MIN 09 S
2018 . CLIP

low life
john and the volta
9 tRACKs - 33 min 45 s
2017 . album 

empirical - extented
john and the volta
10 tracKs - 42 min 47 s
2014 . album